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The United World Wrestling Academy is an integrated online learning portal designed to provide information, tools and resources in order to support and enhance the knowledge and value of the discipline of wrestling.


The e-learning platform allows users to watch educational videos, access the latest scientific researches in wrestling and connect with people sharing the same interest. It consists of 7 main sections: ABOUT, COURSES, RESOURCES, VIDEO LIBRARY, EVENTS, MEDIA CENTER, MY PROFILE.

Intro level courses

Courses are designed to provide users with the background, history, and rules of wrestling.

Courses for coaches

Courses are designed to improve the job of coaches by providing the users with many different concepts and strategies that they can apply in their current role.

Programs for referees

This provides a starting point for users that want to learn more about refereeing or how to become a referee.





Women in Wrestling Global Forum 2019

Women in Wrestling Global Forum 2019

ISTANBUL (November 29) -- Fresh from completing a full week of leadership activities at the Women in Wrestling Global Forum, several key members of...